15 January 2017

Blood Bowl Skaven team painted up

Third and last team from Black Scorpion Miniatures painted up. Had these painted for a couple of weeks but had not finished the bases on them until now, there is also a backlog of boardgames and miniature wargames posts that I need to write and post - I have not been very active lately but will try to increase the number of posts on the blog once again.

The Skaven team from Black Scorpion Miniatures is decent in the makeup, with 2 runners, 2 blitzers, 1 catcher and 6 Linemen. The Rat Ogre is a separate add-on that I purchased. You should probably buy more runners to make it more competitive but it does work quite OK as it is.

I'm pretty happy with the skin on the rats which was painted using both "Lifecolor" skintones with a "Citadel" Ratsjub Flesh at the very middle of the skin palette.

The way the skin is painted was using the following "Lifecolor"  Diorama series flesh paints. This particular set of paints includes: 
  • UA 707 Flesh 2° Light
  • UA 708 Flesh 1° Light
  • UA 709 Flesh 1° Base
  • UA 710 Flesh 2° Base
  • UA 711 Flesh 1° Shadow
  • UA 712 Flesh 2° Shadow
Not all of those paints have been used for the rats, but I can highly recommend the paints as they are fantastic for painting flesh and give a great result.

1) Undercoat Flesh 2nd Shadow
2) Basecoat Flesh 1st Shadow 
3) 50-50 mix of Flesh 1 shadow and flesh 2nd base
4) Citadel Ratskin Flesh
5) Flesh 1st Base
6) 50-50 mix of Flesh 1st base and Flesh 1st light
7) Final highlights of areas around eye, lips etc with Flesh 1st Light

Finally a size comparison between the races from Black Scorpion Miniatures

20 December 2016

Blood Bowl Dwarf team painted up

Second team from the manufacturer Black Scorpion Miniatures painted up. Just like with the Dark Elves these are good (and durable/non brittle) resin castings. I really liked the look of these and the team composition is perfect with 5 linemen, 2 blitzers, 2 runners and 2 troll slayers - 850.000 gold which allows you to purchase 3 re-rolls to get a great team!

I wanted something colorful, and also wanted to avoid using metallic paints, so I went with yellow, blue and blue for the mayor colors using extreme highlights to continue the more cartoony look of my Dark Elves. This is something I plan to continue using on the remaining Blood Bowl teams I have yet to paint (Skaven, Orcs and a new Human team).

As an experiment I have been painting minis using white undercoat on the Dark Elves and Dwarfs, it was a pain in the ass to be honest as you lose a lot of the dark lines when block painting. Here I had to use black paint in most deep parts of the minis and washes to make sure enough shading was provided. On the other hand the bright colors came out better than when I used black undercoat. Another tradeoff using white undercoat is that it took a great amount of paint to cover the sand on the bases, whereas using black I just drybrush with various brown colors.

On the upcoming Orcs and Skaven I will revert to black undercoat to make the painting process faster.

30 November 2016

Blood Bowl Dark Elf team painted up

It's been a long time since I posted something on the blog. It is mainly due to a camera incident a couple of weeks back when I tried to get good pictures of some newly painted minis but kept having dark and unfocused pictures despite creating good lightning conditions and backdrops for the minis. I got so fed up that I gave up on my attempts to photograph miniatures for the time being, at least in my home.

However as a bunch of freshly painted up projects have accumulated it would be a shame not to share something. Again the pictures turned out to be ´far from what I would deem as "good" but at least they represent the paintjobs well enough.

With the new release of the 2016 edition of Blood Bowl (which I hope will arrive by mail tomorrow) I also ordered 3 new teams from Black Scorpion Miniatures, Skaven, Dwarf and Dark Elves.

The packs contain 11 players which is the bare minimum, and there are boosters so you can expand with additional linemen etc. At the time of my purchase I limited myself to basic 11 player teams, with the exception of adding a Rat Ogre for the Skaven. The price for the teams is roughly 22Euro which is fair imo. The material is a (imo) good quality type of resin. It is not brittle and it cleans easy. 

I started by painting the Dark Elves since I figured they would require the most time being the most complex models of the 3. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. The team is not optimal, and is quite expensive in cash leaving pretty much no room for re-rolls with its 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 2 Witch Elves, 3 Linemen, 2 Assassins.

23 October 2016

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition review

Mansions of Madness 2nd edition has been out for a while now, and Caroline picked this game up last Friday since we had been talking about it and the new central feature - tablet app taking the role of the game master. It was very expensive, but after some pondering if found its way to our home and we spent most of Friday evening and the whole of Saturday playing it. 

I feel as if I have enough experience to write down a review, which will start with my experience of MoM: 1st edition. I didn't like it. It was a game that was extremely cumbersome and riddled with moments that bogged down the gameplay and adding the insane amount of setup time it just killed any wish to play despite having some good things. One of imo few good things was the feeling that you played a kind of roleplaying game light with a board and miniatures to help you keep track of the action instead of a pure Pen & Paper adventure. Sadly it often devolved into a action/combat oriented game with monsters spawning left and right. 

Another drawback was also the need for one player to take on the role of the game master, some people find this role to be fun and I don't blamed them (I had a pretty good time playing the GM in Descent 2nd edition) but in MoM: 1st ed you had to prepare a lot of stuff and keep things and story details in mind, mistakes could ruin the whole experience. It also made it impossible to solo-play the game, which is bad since all previous Lovecraft inspired boardgames by Fantasy Flight Games allowed you to do so (Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign). Finally, if you ask me, the models for the monster and the big bases were the definition of ugly and an unnecessary element, the few times we played it at my house we ran the monster tokens without minis/black plastic bases. 

Moving on to MoM: 2nd ed it looks like FFG cleaned up a LOT of problems and redesigned the game quite heavily while still keeping the framework and most of the models/board pieces intact.

First of all, the game requires an app to act as the game master - you can't play without it. The app runs on both PC, iOS and Android - so players should have a lot of device options to run the heart of the game.

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