24 March 2017

Anno Domini 1666 upcoming game from Wargamer.pl

While I was in Poland last week I was lucky enough to play a demo of the upcoming game "Anno Domini 1666" by Wargamer.pl at the By Fire & Sword tournament.

I knew very little about this game beforehand, I had seen some artwork and minis posted on the facebookpage but no  info on what it actually was. So while Konrad from Wargamer.pl showed me the rules of the game I also took the opportunity to ask about the theme, concept and planned release.

The story and the background of Anno Domini 1666
Anno Domini 1666 is as the title suggests set in 1666, but in an alternate universe where historical and fantasy elements blend with those of literary characters such as the Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas with the Polish heroes of the Trilogy by Sienkiewicz just to mention a few.

The story of the game is that the holy German emperor dies and elections for a new German emperor are being held in Vienna. Countries from across Europe send their envoys, spies, diplomats and military retinues to Vienna to ensure that their favored candidate wins the election. The skirmishes played in the game are "illegal" cloak and dagger actions where small bands from different countries clash on the streets of  Vienna to secure various objectives. Those objectives lean towards bribing important people, extraction of secret documents, securing prisoners and not so much towards just plain killing the opponent.

Too much loud shooting in the streets, acts of violence and overall chaos will attract the attention of the city guard, which will show up and end the game/scenario if that happens, with both sides dispersing to avoid arrest.

23 March 2017

Anno Domini 1666 Jan Skrzetuski painted up

While I was making a visit to the By Fire & Sword tournament at Wilanow in Warsaw this year I picked up two minis for the upcoming game "Anno Domini 1666" by Wargamer.pl.

The models for this game, 32mm metal, are simply fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to the beta release and future kickstarter. I will post more pictures of the demo game I played and some info about the game itself soon. For now I just wanted to share a painted up version of Skrzetuski from the "Trilogy" by Sienkiewicz.

15 March 2017

The September War (Too Fat Lardies IABSM)

A couple of months ago I got an email from Robert Avery over at "Vis Lardica", asking me if I would consider sharing my work on the September campaign/Poland in flames compilation that I made for Flames of War a couple of years ago. Robert was working on a Poland 1939 scenario and OoB pack for the Too Fat Lardies game "I ain't been shot mum".

Using my research, scenario ideas, OoB, scenarios and the campaign Robert added his own stuff and transformed my work into something that works for I aint been shot mum. After a couple of months of work Robert has finally published the first half of the book, a 240 page PDF focusing on the "Polish point of view scenarios".

The German and Soviet scenarios will be translated into IABSM format in part two of this release in the future.


The September War

The German invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939 precipitated the greatest conflict the world has ever known, ending the lives of some 60 million people across the globe.

Written by Robert Avery and Alexander Kawczynski, The September War is a collection of thirty-three scenarios for I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum covering the German invasion of Poland 1939.
Divided into eight mini-campaigns, the pack begins with the battles at the border, then covers the fight for the Polish corridor, the Polish Thermopylae at Narew, the Siege of Warsaw, the climactic battles at Bzura and Tomaszow Lubelski, and the actions of the 10th Motorised Cavalry “Black” Brigade and the Independent Operational Group Polesie. There are attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, desperate defences…there’s even an armoured train or two.

No need for any preparation: each scenario contains a brief background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, make up the deck from the list of cards required, unpack your figures and dice, set up the table and away you go!"

The PDF is on retail for £9.50, some of which will be split my way as a thanks for my contribution, though I am mostly happy that the work I spent that one summer a couple of years ago will find a new audience and that the Polish campaign of 1939 gets promoted.

You can buy the PDF HERE



10 March 2017

Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness boardgame review

Mountains of Madness was the first big box expansion for Eldritch Horror and loving the H. P . Lovecraft story it was natural for me to pick it up.

The big box expansion does like in Arkham Horror and provides you with an additional side board, new Old Ones, investigators and more stuff. It is an expensive expansion, almost as much as the core game, and imo the value for money in terms of components does not really match the price tag. What you get in the box however is well made and a great expansion to Eldritch Horror - you pay for quality not quantity with this one if you need an excuse for forking over your money.

This expansion is extremely thematic and requires the attention of the players and travel to the sideboard especially if played using the Rise of the Elder Things as your Old One. The expansion provides a variety of thematic and storytelling elements that add to the gameplay experience, with things such as prologue cards and the 3 part expedition deck that gives you additional objectives on your trip through the frozen wastes of Antarctica.

05 March 2017

Mutants in the "Hot Zone", Scrappers AAR

Yesterday my buddy Thomas and I tried out a game of Scrappers . It had been a busy week so I painted minis until the last minute to get a crew ready for the tabletop before I left, which meant we had to write lists over at his house. This put a dent in our playing time and we only managed to play a single game. We both agreed that "starter" lists for all factions would have been a great way for players to jump right into the game without having to build every member from scratch (which is fun and allows detailed composition, but it also take a bit of time). I have already written to the author Robert Faust and suggested that some kind of getting started gangs, and maybe even generic unit profiles which you can just slap on weapons and traits to get you going would be much welcome.

I tried to put together two lists with a bit of flavor, but have a somewhat balanced 7vs7 miniatures, if I would have the time to prepare better I would make them more thematic as you can really set the factions apart. As it was we did not utilize the full set of faction special rules but focused in our  game on the core rules, the scenario and the post game sequence to get a feeling on how the game compared to "vanilla" Brink of Battle.

I ran a Gamma Lords all mutant gang, 7 models (1 leader, 2 veterans and 4 troopers). Thomas played the Architects made up of likewise 7 models mixing true humans and synthetic life forms (1 leader, 2 synthetic veterans, 4 troopers). The weapons were limited to regular gear, meaning assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and submachine guns, along with knifes and bludgeons for close combat.

The scenario basic idea of Scrappers, just like in Frostgrave, is to gather loot markers (scrap) on the board. Each time scrap is collected you roll on a D100 random event table to see what happens. The difference between Frostgrave and Scrappers is that you have more loot markers in each game 6-15. Loot markers in Scrappers are also not always "good stuff", sometimes you flip a stone to find an isolated pocket of radiation or a trap. Other times you can find multiple objects in the same container. The overall feeling however is that the scrap tokens are more "points of interests" as Thomas put it rather than given reward tokens.

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