14 April 2014

BF&S Royal city of Gdansk command painted up

Painted up a base of Gdansk commanders for a skirmish force that I intend to use for both the Gdansk skirmish, as well as the Courland skirmish list (and probably other armies that have a western look).
Really enjoyed painting these minis, and painted them up to a slightly higher standard - and much better basing - than my previous By Fire & Sword stuff.

The brighter static grass blend does a lot to improve the overall look of the miniatures, compared to my older static grass which is quite dark and which imo "sucks the color" out of the minis. Also added some tufts and flowers to make it more interesting.

Painting is slow nowadays as real life is taking away a lot of hobby time, but I hope to paint up a bunch of new units before the summer. I have Gdansk cavalry and infantry, some Swedish veteran Reiters and armored reiters that I intend to use with my Polish-Lithuanian army/Courland/Gdansk lists, and some characters and a super cool Imperial command blister and Polish medium artillery.

Andreas is also starting to pick up interest for division sized gaming, which I really look forward to play again after more than a year of skirmish battles.

11 April 2014

Pictures from Warsaw Uprising museum

Andreas and I also went to the Warsaw Uprising museum in Warsaw on the day before the By Fire & Sword tournament, this museum is perhaps not as flashy as the Polish army museum in terms of display items - but relies instead heavily on informative videos and text presentations to guide the visitor through the everyday life of occupied Warsaw and the uprising itself.

We bought add-on tickets to see the "3d flight over the Warsaw ruins" video as well, which was quite interesting but the clip was much shorter than I thought. The clip is a 3d rendition of photos taken by a liberator airplane flying over Warsaw after the uprising had ended and depicts the utter destruction of the western part of the city where the fighting had taken place.

08 April 2014

Pictures from the Polish army museum in Warsaw part 2 of 2

Here is the second batch of pictures from the Polish army museum in Warsaw:

WW2: 1939 and the September campaign

07 April 2014

Pictures from the Polish army museum in Warsaw part 1 of 2

I took a lot of pictures in both the Polish army museum and the Warsaw uprising museum in Warsaw. This post will feature all the Army museum pictures, most of them speak for themselves - I'll add info where necessary. Enjoy!

Tanks and artillery, including a TKS tankette on pictures 5-7.

05 April 2014

More pictures from the BF&S tournament

This is the rest of the pictures from the By Fire & Sword tournament that took place down in Warsaw 29-30th March.

Pictures of the hall were the tables were set up in two long rows along the walls.
The terrain for the tournament was really nice, and there was a lot of extra terrain so that players could configure the tables according to whatever scenario they were playing. As you may imagine there were a lot of rivers and village terrain pieces which is necessary unless you play on "fixed tables".

This is the Wilanow palace, the tournament was held in an adjacent building on the palace grounds.

Inside the tournament hall

Demo table, painting competition entries, and sneak peak at the upcoming Deluge expansion book which promises a total of 10 scenarios (5 new) including one that was featured on the wall called the "convoy" where one side is attempting to move off the table and protect civilians and supplies while another player is attacking from the rear - it looked really fun and interesting. Also new historical divisions for the Swedes and Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth to represent more specific army types from the Swedish invasion of Poland. There was also a page with a new Transylvanian militia unit, it looked like a version of the Polish Volunteers or Levy of Nobility. Can't wait for this book to be released.
Wargamer field store, where you could buy boxed sets as well as single minaitures, and where you could also trade in your tournament currency "Ducats" for special miniatures or just to get a discount. Next to the shop on display were painted up examples of new boxed sets and blisters such as Ottoman Silahdars, Cossack skirmishers, Cossack artillery and casualties - and WIP greens of upcoming Imperial infantry.

 Each player taking part in the tournament received a By Fire & Sword mug with the faction of your choice, you also received two supply objective markers, a prisoner objective marker (will post pictures of those later when painted up), 5 ducats and artwork.

For those wondering what t he first prize was, it was this awesome looking replica of king Jan III Sobieski's bulawa, a ceremonial mace wielded by Commonwealth hetmans.

 It was a very nice and well run tournament, what surprised me was that it was "opent" to the public and throughout the two days that the tournament lasted there were quite a lot of visitors, families and older people walking around and watching the games and learning about By Fire & Sword. I have never really seen anything like this in Sweden,
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